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This determinant is made amateur  (non professional) and is intended for hobbyists.  This site is not complete and  so far only being tested. Is not worth much  to demand from him.

If you - amateur and trying to identify the ant species from the photos, this site is for you. Say at once that determine the species with the help of photographs can be difficult because many species differ in the location on the body hairs and wrinkles, which, without good optics consider impossible.
Important! This site contains pictures and descriptions of only 122 species of ants living on the territory of Russia. But this is not all that inhabit the area. And there are no pictures of ants living in exotic countries.
If you are not afraid of difficulties, if you have patience and a magnifying glass, with at least a tenfold increase (I use a 20-fold), then let's get started.

On this site:

1. Determinant of ants. 

2. Gallery of the subfamilies:







More photo galleries:

Ants of Crete.


3. Description of the ant species.


I thank my friends for providing the material for the site: Alexey (Filin), Oleg (Snip), Victor Kojaev (KVA), Alexander (Bigson), Andrey (Anfelk), Yuriy Data (Yugru), Phedor (Светоч), Mihail (Malleus).

Special thanks Mr. Claude LEBAS (Cekiki) http://photos.fourmis.free.fr for your understanding and provided for site photos.


You can visit on a Russian site “Club fans of ants” on  www.antclub.org

You can write me at: antvid@inbox.ru

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